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Time for Human Resources Outsourcing Services?

Two entrepreneurs make operational advances through human resources outsourcing (HR outsourcing) services.

These days, small business owners wear too many hats in their respective companies, especially with human resources and employee administration. Enter Emplicity, an Irvine-based HR Outsourcing firm that proposes to simplify your life through their comprehensive and dynamic approach to employee management.

Eliminating the need for dozens of employment-related vendors, the professional employer organization (PEO) helps drive employee performance and keeps employment costs under control. In essence a general contractor for anything employee-related, Emplicity simplifies its client's burden through its handle on the many disciplines within HR.

Acting as the administrator or employer of record of your staff, Emplicity assumes responsibility for all payroll obligations, provides a robust menu of employee benefits, administers and provides workers' compensation and the associated safety compliance through its Simplicity Servicenters in Irvine, Sacramento, Silicon Valley and San Antonio, Texas. Additionally, new clients are paired with a veteran human resources expert to guide them through all aspects of employee management. Taking over most of the headaches of being an employer, Emplicity virtually becomes the human resources department for many of its small business clients.

HR Outsourcing - A New Way to Fill the HR Position

Shortly after accepting his HR manager's resignation, Les Walker, CEO of Docusource, a Santa Fe Springs-based document solutions provider decided to outsource his HR. "We get the breadth and expertise of a dedicated HR firm for a cost less than hiring one person in-house. Rather than just a 'paper pusher,' we get a true HR professional who can elevate the human capital in our business and help us achieve our strategic plan," says Walker, who regularly meets with his part-time HR consultant provided by his PEO, Emplicity.

Walker’s decision to outsource has paid off-his firm’s roll-up strategy has completed two acquisitions and is now vehemently working on his 3rd, credit due to his ability to focus and get out of the employee management maze. Getting the help from Emplicity on merging employee cultures and unifying the silos under one platform has provided the up and comer with organizational and operational leverage.

Hypergrowth with sticking power through outsourcing human resources

Human Resources Outsourcing Successful Case Study - Pete Deutschman
Pete Deutschman

Destined to take his big company experience to a grass-roots startup venture, Pete Deutschman founded The Buddy Group as an interactive internet marketing agency with an analogue culture. Step into their glass-laden headquarters and you will see and feel like you are in another world. Yellow campground signs, bunk beds for desks, and a 12-man conference table that’s actually a picnic table adorned with a glass top. He has even titled himself “Chief Buddy” to embody the spirit of his seemingly fraternal organization-that of teamwork, friendship, and an insanely creative mark on their product.

Before he began, Deutschman knew he needed help to get off the ground and decided to outsource to a PEO. With almost 50 employees in the most competitive talent market seen to date, virtually zero employee turnover, profitable sales growth, and offices in New York, Irvine and San Francisco, his wisdom was clairvoyant. "Engaging Emplicity from Day 1 allowed me to plug into their HR Infrastructure and focus on closing an insurmountable amount of business and recruiting the best creative talent in California.” See how much $$$ the Buddy group saved by going with Emplicity.

A "Live-in" HR Outsourcing Consultant and Coach

Included in Emplicity's HR outsourcing services, Deutschman and Walker both have a part-time HR Coach that reports to them directly. " With the help of our Emplicity HR Coach and their employment experts, employee retention is at 98% annually."," says Deutschman, who bootstrapped his company to become a local phenomenon in the internet marketing industry.

Helping their clients maneuver through day-to-day management issues through coaching and accountability, Emplicity's HR Coaches help to avoid the pitfalls of employment law. Furthermore, protection through an Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) policy insures clients against closing their doors.

Emplicity helps small businesses with 5 to 250 employees enjoy the same HR benefits as large companies without the considerable overhead. Less expensive than hiring an internal HR employee or department, Emplicity will maintain critical employment records and payroll reports, as well as provide the forms, support and training needed to make sure you're in compliance with all required employee regulations.

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