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shutterstock_379007665 As a business owner, you are managing day to day administration tasks while closing new sales and accommodating your clients’ needs. Why juggle so many responsibilities when you could focus your time building your company brand? Instead of dealing with government regulations and employee management, look into a professional administrative organization to cut your HR […] continue reading this post

shutterstock_293071247 A ‘toxic work environment’ is more than a phrase used by potential candidates to explain why they’re pursuing an opportunity at your firm. It is a real, growing problem and is industry agnostic. If the symptoms are not rapidly recognized they can cause a problem with your employee morale and subsequently your company’s bottom-line. Not […] continue reading this post

In accordance with the updates instituted by Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) to the Pregnancy Disability Leave, a new supplemental notice will be emailed to Emplicity client sites before April 1, 2016. This email will contain instructions on how to download the file and proper placement with the 2016 California and Federal Employment […] continue reading this post