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slump2 We all know the feeling – the early afternoon drowsiness that seems to creep on you after lunch. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the workplace and is completely natural. Every afternoon, your body’s biological clock sends signals to your brain that it is time to get some sleep. This coupled with unhealthy lunches […] continue reading this post

Hiring Outside the Box

Posted by: on October 13, 2016 in Recruiting

hiring1 Imagine this scenario: you are looking for someone to fill a position with your company and you have begun the process of screening applicants. You find a great candidate who has the necessary skill set, but she has no experience in your industry. Do you toss this person aside and move on or do you […] continue reading this post

shutterstock_253513696 While Autumn usually signals sweater weather and pumpkin-flavored hot beverages, it also means that the traditional Open Enrollment period is rapidly approaching. Emplicity’s dedicated benefits professionals have been hard at work to ensure that our clients can select from the best policies available on the market. In fact – Emplicity’s healthcare plans saw rate changes […] continue reading this post

shutterstock_406955485 Imagine this scenario: you have been searching for the perfect candidate to fill a key vacancy at your company. After a few lackluster interviews, you finally stumble upon your dream candidate with the right skill set and great personality. After you have extended the offer and it is accepted, you can finally breathe because the […] continue reading this post

shutterstock_425705176 Today, businesses are all about the green. Not cold hard cash, but about ‘going green’. More and more businesses are joining the green movement and taking strides to reduce their carbon footprint. Even companies like Amazon, Disney, and Coca Cola have made efforts to incorporate green practices in their facilities and offices. You may think […] continue reading this post