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Employee Benefits Compliance Alert Republican ACA-Repeal Efforts Gaining Steam, What this could mean for you and your business. Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act have now advanced in the House as GOP leadership officially unveiled its latest proposal. Although the proposal could be voted on at the committee level as early as this […] continue reading this post

While Q4 signals the holidays and sweater weather, it also indicates the arrival of flu season. Every year the flu affects as many as one in every five Americans. A flu outbreak in your office can not only lead to costly insurance expenditures and loss of wages for your employees, but the Center of Disease […] continue reading this post

slump2 We all know the feeling – the early afternoon drowsiness that seems to creep on you after lunch. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the workplace and is completely natural. Every afternoon, your body’s biological clock sends signals to your brain that it is time to get some sleep. This coupled with unhealthy lunches […] continue reading this post

Earthquake-Survival-Guide-article Companies based in California are familiar with the violent shakes, rattles, and rolls of earthquakes. While these events are few and far between, they are severely unpredictable – and could happen at any time without warning. Most people living in California are prepared for these events at home with their families, but have they prepared […] continue reading this post