Emplicity’s Company Audit

Does your company measure up when it comes to human resources, benefits and labor compliance? Take our quick 10 question quiz to find out!

1. Do your hourly employees clock in and out for meal periods?

2. Do you have a Summary Plan Document that meets ERISA guidelines?

3. Do you offer 10 “net” minute breaks for every four hours worked, or “major fraction thereof?”

4. Do your exempt employees meet both the salary test as well as the duties test to qualify as an exempt employee?

5. Do you have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program?

    If so, when was it last updated?

6. Do you require all hourly new hires to sign off on a Wage Theft Protection Act form? ( CA only)

7. Have you implemented The Healthy Workplace/Healthy Families Act of 2015? ( Sick Pay Policy CA only)

8. Is your full-time status well defined and consistent with the application of the employer mandates rules?

9. Do you know what method/methods are required when calculating full-time status for variable hour employees?

10. Does your definition of “employee” exclude workers who might be eligible for benefits as common-law employees of the employer?

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