Employee Leasing with Emplicity

Focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest.

What Is Employee Leasing?

Employee Leasing is a business service that can help control and even reduce a company’s employer liability and labor expense. In this contractural arrangement, an Employee Leasing Agency provides administrative and legal relief to its customer by assuming certain employer roles and responsibilities such as:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance management
  • Employee Benefits, including Group Medical and 401(k)
  • Human resources and compliance support
  • Payroll processing and employee administration
  • And many other employer responsibilities and burdens

Protect your interests and increase compliance.

Manage labor expenses and reduce costs.

Emplicity’s Employee Leasing platform provides the insurance programs and support needed to gaining control over employer liability and rising costs.


The Emplicity Advantage

Emplicity’s employee leasing services reduce the burden of administrative complexities. When you partner with Emplicity, employment responsibilities are shared between Emplicity and your business. Emplicity manages the daily HR tasks that can be complicated and time-consuming, such as payroll, federal and state regulatory compliance, unemployment claims, and benefits administration, allowing you the freedom to focus on managing and growing your business. You’ll be assigned a dedicated HR professional that is local to your business’s location and is available via phone, email or in-person so your critical human resources needs are supported in a timely manner. Employee leasing with Emplicity also grants your company and employees access to big-company benefits. This competitive group of medical, dental, and vision first-tier benefits providers and networks include Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, VSP, MetLife, and Transamerica Life Insurance Company. Your company will have access to better rates on worker’s compensation policies. Your company will be compliant with federal healthcare regulations, reducing your liability and risk. All of these benefits are managed by Emplicity’s team, saving you not only cost but time!

Connect with Us

Contact an Emplicity representative at 877-HRMADEZ (877-476-2339) to request more information. You can also request a quote online.