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4 Goals of Human Resources Management

Human Resources Goals and Outsourcing

What are Human Resources and HR Functions?

Some say human resource management is personnel-related paperwork. Others see it as managing people. Business owners languish about HR as the bastion of employee complaints and issues. Your staff sees HR as the room down the hall that answers your questions on medical insurance and leaves of absence.

Which definition of HR management is right?

These processes and activities are all inclusive of the scope of human resources management. Just like we need resources of capital, land, equipment, and yes, even our everyday office supplies, we need people to run our business. Even a vending machine company needs the best people. Yet HR is what we make of it, and any limited or comprehensive viewpoint of what we do to manage our employees defines our approach and value of this often oversimplified and overlooked company resources.

Consider this: if all we do is screen and interview candidates, then HR management is recruitment. Or if our staff is only exposed to our actions as employee benefits administrators, then human resources consultants are reduced to paper pushers. If the only time they see us is during the employee safety training or harassment workshops, then HR consultants are labor cops.

The fact is, HR management is all of the above, and limited experience with it defines the understanding of the HR function and its priority in our own companies.

What's the point of Human Resources management, anyway?

With a means-to-end approach, its clearer to see just what we're supposed to do. So lets forget about the endless list of HR functions, duties and responsibilities. To meet the gaols of your company, human resources company should address four key HR function priorities:

  1. Cost of Human Resources Management: Managing your labor expenses (wages, taxes, insurance, hiring accuracy)
    • Implementing a TOTAL PAY program to enhance perception on pay
    • Safety incentive plans to keep workers' compensation costs down
    • Augmentation of your group medical choices to balance increases
    • Improving your hiring accuracy with a sourcing and screening process

  2. Liability: Eliminating the risk and damage of employment litigation
    • Conducting a labor law audit
    • First line of defense: A thorough employee handbook
    • Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance policy
    • Training your managers proactively on managing and firing

  3. Administration of Human Resources Functions: Streamlining your people and paper systems to achieve efficiency
    • Employee vendor consolidation
    • Human Resources Information System (HRIS) infrastructure
    • Allowing employees to do the work
    • Outsourcing employee benefits and personnel administration

  4. Productivity: Driving consistent performance levels organization-wide
    • Identifying Key Performance accountabilities (KPa)
    • Establishing daily, weekly and monthly KPa huddles
    • A hiring process that doubles your hiring accuracy
    • An effective Pay-for-Performance compensation model

Are your wheels turning? As a Professional Employer Organization and a full-service provider of HR outsourcing management services, Emplicity provides the services, systems and coaches to get your organization to meet their goals and reach the next level. With a flexible approach to customize HR solutions to what you need, when you need it, Emplicity's a simple decision. Call us today and discover how efficient, profitable and fun your business can be.

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