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Monthly Archives: May 2017

When an FMLA violation occurs, typically the business owner is the responsible party. But according to the terms used in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA,) “employer” is a bit of a broader term. According to the Glossary of Terms Used in the FMLA: “Any person who acts, directly or indirectly, in the interest […] continue reading this post

image Whether you run a small or large company, chances are you have at least one high-maintenance employee. Someone who avoids accountability, doesn’t work well on a team, and is constantly requiring your attention. While the easy answer may be to let them go, they might be an essential asset to your company – a high-performer […] continue reading this post

photo With the talent pool as aggressive as it is lately, employers – especially those with small businesses – need to find ways to recruit and retain the skilled workers they’re looking for. One of the easiest ways to attract and keep the best and brightest workers is to offer a robust benefits package. Standard benefits […] continue reading this post

infographic Labor Violations are one of the easiest ways a business owner can lose money, and litigations are on the rise. A California security company, ABM Security Services, was ordered to pay out $90 million to employees after they were found to be violating labor laws by not providing sufficient breaks for their workers. After multiple […] continue reading this post

As business owners we are constantly reviewing our profits, where we need to cut back, where we need to invest, and what aspects of our business we could improve. Many think of the usual suspects when considering any number of these subjects, but have you ever thought of investing in quality training programs? Often times, […] continue reading this post