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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Top 8 HR Challenges for California Employers in 2019 The HR landscape is continuously evolving with new employment laws and regulations, plus changes in technology and other trends in employee recruitment and management. Employers in California have an especially complicated set of laws to navigate, with this state being considered one of the most employee-friendly states in the U.S. The strict limits on work […] continue reading this post

2019 HR Goals for California Employers 2019 is right around the corner, which means many employers are getting ready to set goals for the company that will help shape the next year. It’s important to get these goals approved and communicated in an efficient manner so that employees and supervisors can begin working towards achieving them right at the beginning of […] continue reading this post

2019 California Minimum Wage Updates

Posted by: on December 18, 2018 in Payroll

california minimum wage increase 2019 California’s minimum wage and overtime-exempt salary threshold will rise in 2019 at different levels depending on employer size. Complicating matters, many cities and some counties in the state will also raise their own minimum wages. Here’s what employers should know for 2019. Statewide California Minimum Wage The state minimum wage will continue to rise each […] continue reading this post

Avoid Discriminatory Practices When Hiring for Culture As company culture has become an increasingly important element for recruiting and retaining employees, more and more organizations have begun considering “culture fit” as part of their hiring process. According to one recent survey, one out of every five employers say that they wouldn’t hire a candidate who was not the right cultural fit for […] continue reading this post

Is Your Holiday Party an HR Nightmare Holiday parties are a popular way for companies of all sizes to celebrate their employees in a festive way. Research has shown that when done properly, company holiday parties can cultivate employee engagement, making workers feel more appreciated by their employer, giving them something fun and cheerful to look forward to and allowing them to […] continue reading this post