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9 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Human Resources

Posted by: on April 13, 2016 in Human Resources

shutterstock_85396378 The influx of HR troubles can slow down your company’s momentum. Within recent years, human resources have grown more and more complex. As you are driven to growing your company, look into a professional provider that will oversee different types of employee relations for you. All that wiggle room will reorient you to focus on strategizing for your company brand, image, and more. We’ve put together a list of 9 advantages you’ll gain by outsourcing your human resources. We encourage you to read through them and determine if this tactic is the right approach for your company. Gain access to expertise Entrusting your human resources to an outside firm can seem daunting. But this is not the case! By outsourcing your company’s HR to an outside firm, you are also minimizing operating costs for in-house space and staff. Hiring a HR firm increases efficiency by delegating your day to day administrative tasks and freeing up your time. Reduce paperwork One of the biggest roles a PEO can do for your team is to save you time. Overextending yourself will only weaken your accuracy. Day to day tasks like calculating payroll taxes are easily managed through online or automated technologies. Handling all the administrative works becomes a thing of the past as someone else will be responsible for filing certain taxes for you! Minimize workers’ compensation claims Mistakes and accidents will happen on the job - especially if your business operates in an industry of higher risk. The hassle of filing the correct liability claims can be difficult. Instead, working with a PEO for safety consultation is the best approaches to your issues. Essentially, outside professionals are here to find the problems before they begin, which will save you time, money, and lawsuits in the long run. Familiarity with government regulations Understanding different labor laws and ever changing rules can boggle you down. Leave it to professionals who dedicate their time in every aspect of human resource. These professionals have the most up-to-date information: they know how to deal with accident reporting, tax reports, compliance processing, and inform you of revised labor laws. Why make a chore for yourself by attempting to decipher these government regulations when someone can accurately handle them? Access to large company benefits As your company grows, take care of your employees with better health insurance. Especially for small business owners, establishing a co-employment with a PEO gives incentives to keep your employees. Your employees are the backbone to your success. An outsourced HR firm can provide lower insurance costs and negotiate better benefits packages. Avoid the problem of high turnovers before it happens. Managing employee onboarding tasks Losing track of files like I-9s and W-4s is easy when there are so many other forms to hand out. To enhance the quality of your team, HR firms have the tools to create consistent policies and handbooks for future and current employees. Their performance become effective as the standard for your company’s practice is met. As your company develops a reputation, professionals give you the resources to meet your business goals. Securing Impartiality PEO’s are third parties with an unbiased background. They want what is best for your company. If the work environment is toxic, the productivity of your employees only goes down. If tension arises, an outside source acts as a mediator. Having an outsourced firm will also help you avoid confidentiality breaches by managing your files. Continuity of quality services Or, what happens if your HR generalist quits? Once they leave, a whole new process of hiring, training, and understanding the company comes into play. This once again takes up time and time is precious. Outsourcing your HR combats this issue because a PEO can build programs tailored to your strengths. Put simply, HR outsourcing benefits you in the long term. Guaranteed depth of knowledge An in-house human resource manager is more of a generalist. They know a little about a lot, stretching themselves too thin. More than half of their time is spent on payroll, claims management, benefits and such. There is no focus on developing or training the people within the company. However, with outsourcing, you are guaranteed a team of experts who focus their careers in understanding the human resources realm. Emplicity is a professional employer organization that managers your HR functions. Communication is one of our top priorities so reach out to us at 877-476-2339 to request more information on how we can help you with your concerns. HR outsourcing should be simple and we can guarantee you that Emplicity will provide you with great partnership. We are located in California – Orange County, Los Angeles, and the greater Sacramento and San Francisco area.