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Earthquake Safety: How to Be Prepared in Case of An Emergency

Posted by: on August 1, 2016 in Health & Safety

Earthquake-Survival-Guide-article Companies based in California are familiar with the violent shakes, rattles, and rolls of earthquakes. While these events are few and far between, they are severely unpredictable – and could happen at any time without warning. Most people living in California are prepared for these events at home with their families, but have they prepared for what would happen in the event an earthquake happens at their office during work hours? It is crucial that employees are aware of what they should do in case of such an emergency. When was the last time you lead your team through earthquake safety training? If the answer escapes you – don’t fret! Check out our list of actions to take to get your team up to speed and ready in case the next earthquake happens during business hours. Practice, Practice, Practice! Earthquake safety comes down to two things: planning and preparation. This means that everyone in your office needs to be aware of what happens in an earthquake to prevent any serious injuries. Obviously practicing drills on a regular basis will be the best solution, as it’ll become second nature as to what to do when it happens. The drill should consist of all team members following the renowned three step procedure: drop, cover and hold. Dropping down on your knees helps to prevent you from falling down and hitting something as the first few shocks register. The next step should be to find cover under something sturdy and strong, such as a table or desk, or near an open wall. And lastly, hold on to yourself and your cover until the shaking stops and you are out of danger. Note Any Dangers Practice drills should make you and your team aware of any dangers that present themselves in your work areas. These can include heavy book shelves, water heaters or coolers, mirrors, paintings and other office furniture. These items tend to fall as the building shakes and primarily cause most of the damage to human lives. It’s important that these items are affixed to the walls using wall studs and bracing kits, and should be avoid as much as possible during an earthquake. Devise an Evacuation Plan Emplicity’s Risk and Safety professionals can help you sketch and put together an evacuation plan for your building and what your path should be to exit in the event of an earthquake. Items including fire extinguishers, ladders, supply kits, and utility switches should be marked on the plan so you or your team can easily locate them when the time comes. You also should designate a meeting spot where you and your team can seek safe shelter once it’s safe to do so. Prepare Emergency Kits It’s possible that water, electricity, and food could be disrupted after a large earthquake. It is possible your building may experience substantial damage that help could be delayed for a significant amount of time. You should collect basic supplies and create a kit for use that can last several days, typically kept in a bag or large trashcan. Items present should include: • Water • Several pairs of gloves and goggles. • Durable plastic bags • A battery operated radio with extra batteries • Flashlights • Canned, nonperishable foods and manual can-openers • Matches • Sleeping bags, light blankets or a small tent • First aid supplies for the injured- including bandages, over-the-counter painkillers, needles and thread, ointments, tweezers, thermometer and other items of the sort. • Vital documents- insurance papers, contact numbers and addresses, bank account numbers etc. Compile several such supply bags and locate them in easily accessible places around your workplace as these can save lives and help you cope after an earthquake. Emplicity provides safety advisory services for companies throughout California to ensure their lives are at minimal risk of danger. For more information regarding our services, visit our website www.emplicity.com or give us a call at 1-877-476-2339.