Emplicity Employee Handbook

Customized Employee Handbook

Clearly defined employee policies are the key to successful employee relations, as well as avoiding potential liability issues. The customized employee handbooks, for Emplicity’s HR programs, are developed in conjunction with an experienced labor law firm to ensure up-to-date compliance with all current regulations. Our extensive, customizable handbook informs employees exactly what is expected of them, and to what benefits they are, or are not, entitled. Elevate your Employee Handbook to the next level! Let Emplicity’s HR outsourcing program help you create a comprehensive, compliant, and easy-to-use employee handbook covering these major areas and more:
  • Basic corporate benefits
  • Time Keeping Procedures
  • Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  • Vacation, sick leave and leave of absence policies
  • Drug & Alcohol policy
  • Email & Social Media Policy
  • Explanation of benefits
  • Professional Standards of Conduct
  • Computer Usage Policy
  • CA Paid Sick Leave Policy
  • Recovery for Employees Working Out Doors Policy
  • Arbitration and At-Will Acknowledgement
  • Including separate arbitration and at-will acknowledgement language
Compliance is always changing and updating, but as an Emplicity client, you can be sure your handbook stays current and compliant.

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