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Good Interview, but a Bad Hire. What Should You Do?

Posted by: on September 27, 2016 in Recruiting

shutterstock_406955485 Imagine this scenario: you have been searching for the perfect candidate to fill a key vacancy at your company. After a few lackluster interviews, you finally stumble upon your dream candidate with the right skill set and great personality. After you have extended the offer and it is accepted, you can finally breathe because the search is over… or is it? Once s/he begins working, you begin to realize your star interview candidate is an employee straight out of a nightmare. What could have gone wrong? Where did the person you interviewed go? Is there anything you could have done to avoid this situation? This may feel a bit familiar because it happens more often than we would like to admit. But don’t worry – we have compiled a list of suggestions to help prevent this from happening in the future. Second and Third Interviews are Okay Interviewing is a lot like dating: you often require more than one interview to really get to know a candidate and see if s/he is a good fit for your organization. Although a second or third interview may seem time consuming and tedious, it is necessary if you want to uncover any hidden aspects that may emerge later and turn into a potential problem once s/he begins working for you. This can be anything from dishonesty to tardiness or even being over qualified for a position. Are YOU Interview Ready? Before you step into the interview room, ask yourself this question: “Are my interviewing skills strong enough and do I know the right questions to ask?” If not, it may be best to leave the interviewing to a colleague and sit in on the interview as an observer until you have received the proper training. You can also practice interviewing candidates with a trusted colleague who will give you honest feedback. Refining your interview skills will help to delve deeper into the process and showcase problem areas before it is too late. Compare and Contrast Ask yourself what kind of attributes constitutes a dream employee versus a nightmare employee? One easy way to determine this is to find someone within your organization that excels at what they do and possesses all the behavioral traits you wish every employee would exhibit. When interviewing a potential candidate, try to profile him or her and see if s/he has the traits you are looking for. Also be sure to check their references and reasons for leaving their previous jobs. If anything raises a red flag, you should probably reconsider that candidate. Do not feel pressured to fill the position quickly. If you cannot find the right candidate, just wait a bit longer for the right one to come along. It will be well worth it in the long run! Don’t Go It Alone The hiring process can seem extremely overwhelming and at times, too much for one person to handle. Not only do you have to sort through dozens of resumes, but you have to contact and interview candidates while managing your usual responsibilities. To lighten your workload and reduce stress, try working with a recruiter. Recruiters work with your organization to understand the requirements of the position you want to fill and who your ideal candidate is. A recruiter takes the time to screen qualified candidates for the position before inviting them for an initial interview. And once the recruiter has found strong candidates for the position, the recruiter helps prepare them to meet you. This allows for only the best candidates to be passed along to the hiring manager for final interviews or evaluations. Also, recruiters take care of candidate placement after you’ve found the perfect person to fill the position. They work as the intermediary between the candidate and hiring manager to agree to terms of salary, job duties, benefits, and starting date before sending out the final offer letter. Overall, it is important to really delve into who a candidate is before extending them a job offer. Be sure to prepare to the best of your ability and assess what it is you want in your dream candidate. If you start to feel overwhelmed, do not be afraid to ask for help. If you do all of these things, you will be sure to find your dream candidate! Did you know Emplicity offers recruiting services? Our team of seasoned recruiting consultants understand the challenges of hiring impact players for high growth, small, and mid-size businesses. Contact us at 1-877-476-2339 or visit our website at www.emplicity.com.