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Hоw Tо Rесruіt And Keep Millennials Employed at Your Company

Posted by: on August 18, 2016 in Recruiting

shutterstock_423599137 As the Baby Boomer generation continues its approach to retirement, a new generation is entering the workforce and ready to take their place. These youthful and ambitious employees are dubbed “Millennials,” and bring with them a desire to make a difference in the world. It’s no secret that the reputation of Millennials has been tainted by blog after blog on social media sites; what you think you may know about these individuals is actually fiction. Millennials are not lazy nor looking for handouts; these individuals are actually hard workers that seek companies with a positive, embracing culture. Millennials want to give 110% to your company if you provide them with an opportunity to prove themselves. So how do you lure the brightest minds coming from the nation’s top-tier colleges? You will need to know what values are important to this generation. Fear not – we’ve assembled a list of qualities that Millennials value from prospective employers so they can make positive changes to your business. Be Well-Rounded A job offer should be more than a title, salary, or a recognizable business name. Your company’s reputation can be as much of a negative as it can be positive. A Millennial prospective employee will look past the name on the building and dig a little deeper into your company’s mission statement and good will towards your community. What are the most recent posts on your social media pages saying about your organization? Have you done any community outreach recently? These are top of mind for Millennials. If this information cannot quickly be found then they simply will not apply for open positions at your organization. Be Up to Date Millennials grew up with the latest and greatest technology at their fingertips. They are the most tech-savvy generation to date and desire modern technology to accomplish daily activities. What version of computer applications are you presently using? If your software is a few years out of date, Millennials will interpret this as a warning sign of a company being behind the times and may see this as a conflict of interest. It is in your company’s best interest to keep in touch with the marketplace and be current on all versions of technology. This includes the operating system, software, and the laptop or desktop used to perform tasks. You would not use outdated software for your personal applications – so why have your business be behind the times? Flexibility is Key Corporate culture is more than a buzz word in recruiting future hires – it is an important value to Millennials. Job seekers from this generation seek a business climate that allows them not only to be creative, but also work in an environment with opportunities and growth. They want to build lasting relationships with coworkers and enjoy working their 40 hours per week. However, they also seek flexibility. They will gladly stay past their 8 hours for the day to finish up projects, but if work is completed by 3 p.m. one day they prefer to leave early and enjoy that work-life balance. Promoting flexibility for employees is important – no matter what generation your employees are from. Look for Skills, Not Degrees Have you noticed an influx of applicants with liberal arts degrees for your accounting or payroll positions? This is not an uncommon trend. Millennials choose disciplines and majors in college that meet their interests and needs – then focus on finding a job at a company afterward. It can be easy to train or educate a new hire on how to do the essential functions of the job – so why not utilize their skill set and fresh perspective to balance out your team? Be Responsive with Communication Communication is key to the success of everyone, regardless of how far an employee is in his or her career. Did you know that Millennials seek transparent companies and bosses that communicate with them frequently? Communication does not have to be a long, drawn-out process. It can be a short conversation in the hallway, a phone call, or email. Keep them in the loop and they will work with you at the speed of lightning if you allow them the opportunity. Yes, there are many things on this list that may take time to implement, especially if your company or culture are behind the times. Building your company with Millennials may result in long-term growth for the company – so it is a valuable investment. The present workforce is ever-changing, and modifying your environment to meet the needs of this new generation of employees will help shape the future of your business and bring in the brightest minds.