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High Employee Morale Can Positively Affect Your Company

Posted by: on June 17, 2016 in employee relations

shutterstock_220546063 One factor often overlooked when growing your company is care and appreciation shown toward your employees. These individuals are the backbone to your business; they are crucial components to your company’s productivity. The cost of low morale within a team will cause lack of communication, low productivity, and even trust issues between workers. Your employees are more than just a filled position. Here are some tricks you can use to improve your company’s morale if you sense things have gone a little sour. Office Satisfaction Create mini meetings to highlight achievements in the office. Setting aside time for recognition is a great way to validate and encourage your team across all departments and management levels. Your team should not only they are doing a good job, but they should also know they are appreciated. A positive presentation of each other cultivates a great company culture. These instances naturally fuel your employees’ progress. Understand Daily Struggles Understanding why your employees do what they do helps you understand their day-to-day struggles. Work to their strengths by taking some time out of the day to speak with your employees. How do they measure success? Then, find tasks that fit their viewpoints that promotes efficiently. Your employees should feel secure in their jobs and know they are valuable. Retention is a huge part of a job because if employees do not feel necessary, they will jump to a different job. This ends up more costly as turn-over rates take time and money to replace employees. Make the Small Talk Matter Do you really care about the response to the question “how are you doing?” If not – then why are you asking the question? Small talk is great for on-the go but this infamous phrase leads to a dead end. Instead, asking what they are looking forward to that day can open up a conversation about what matters in their lives. Getting to know each other builds a closer bond which means a higher desire to come to work! Trust Is Key The consistency your employees bring to your business should also be reciprocated. What this means is that your employees should know that their goals are worthy of achieving. Working together in a company is a partnership, a friendship, and a whole deal of trust. Relying on each other means more than just “Could you call this client for me when you get the chance?” Thanking each other once in a while is a great example of an office place support system. Reward Great Behavior Are your employees offered a competitive and comprehensive benefits package? Providing insurance and time off shows how much you care about employees outside their lives at the office – but you can do so much more! Employees don’t leave companies that compensate them well – they leave companies with poor management and low wages. Keep them happy with rewards for a job well done. Additional financial compensation through holiday bonuses, performance goals, or additional days off will motivate your employees to work harder and perform better. Without your employees’ hard work and dedication, the company will crash and burn. So next time you are grabbing your morning coffee from the break room, engage yourself with your coworker for just five minutes. Who knows, maybe you will end up finding a common interest!