Your HR Professional

Guidance and support for your human resources needs.

The Expertise You Need.

The complexities of managing a multi-faceted enterprise increase exponentially with human resources. Faced with the burden of juggling compliance, productivity and staffing priorities, many employers are turning to alternatives to managing and supporting their human resources functions.
Introducing HRPro™, a personalized service which pairs your company up with a highly-experienced and certified professional in human resources. Your HR Professional is a trusted advisor with the expertise to support your organization’s needs.

Certified HR Professional.

As your confidante in key management decisions, a certified and experienced HRPro™ Advisor provides the necessary guidance and research on employee relations, compliance, and workforce productivity. Our advisers interact with your employees and management staff as a part of your team, providing the intimacy and engagement you need to manage the day-to-day tasks associated with HR.

Convenient Access.

Employee issues don’t necessarily escalate when it’s convenient, so you can count on your Emplicity HRPro™ to be available no matter what the situation calls for.


Your HR Professional maintains a presence with your staff especially when training or counseling is needed.


Chat your HRPro™ via phone or text messaging (SMS) for a quick question or consultation.


Correspond and collaborate on projects with your HRPro™ through email or virtual online meetings.

Connect with Us

Contact an Emplicity representative at 877-HRMADEZ (877-476-2339) to request more information. You can also request a quote online.