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Next time, Try Using a Recruiter

Posted by: on February 19, 2016 in Recruiting

shutterstock_260188946 We all know that time is a valuable resource. As a business owner, you recognize that you need more of it – especially since you are managing daily operations and growing your company. Eventually your company will grow to the point of needing to increase your head count. While it may seem easy to throw a posting up on LinkedIn and call it a day, have you considered how many qualified people you may not be reaching? Like it or not: it is the truth! You may be asking yourself: how do I reach these qualified candidates? The answer: use a recruiter. We’ve put together a few reasons why working with a recruiter will help you find your ideal candidate. They Know Your Business and Industry A recruiter will take time to sit with you and learn more about your company and requirements for the job. They will dive deep to learn every facet of your business to get an understanding of the company culture and what you are looking for in a candidate. They are also familiar with your industry and will provide guidance on job description details, a fair and competitive salary range, and other points you may have overlooked. A recruiter is like a realtor when selling a home: realtors list properties for a fair market value when looking at comps and know the best places to list. Your recruiter will leverage the same tactics when searching for qualified candidates. They Do All of the Work The best part about working with a recruiter is that they do all the busy work. From crafting job postings to performing first-round interviews, recruiters work hard to make sure that only the best and most qualified people interview directly with you. This means you are not spending hours reading through resumes and performing follow-up calls – wasting valuable time that could be better spent running your company. You perform the final interviews and make a choice – the recruiter does the rest! Not All Candidates Are Actively Looking Would it surprise you to find out that some of the best candidates for the job are not actively looking at your job postings? If you passively post on job sites like LinkedIn and Career Builder, it is possible you may be missing out on top-tier candidates. Recruiters can actively spend time researching candidates and reaching out to those who may be interested in an opportunity but may not be actively looking at changing jobs. It is a recruiter’s job to find that proverbial needle in a haystack – let them widen your candidate pool by seeking missed talent. Otherwise you may miss out on someone amazing. Large Network = More Opportunity Recruiters have a large network filled with great candidates for your position. At a moment’s notice they can reach out to their network and use these connections to find interested applicants – whether it is direct or referral. Your candidate pool is significantly bigger, making your ideal candidate much easier to locate. Your Mediator and Advisor A recruiter also can work as an intermediary when a selected candidate reaches the negotiation phase. The recruiter can help guide conversation so that items like salary, vacation, job duties, etc. are all vetted and agreed upon before you send over the official letter. You can rely upon them to have your interest in mind when settling the final details with the candidate. Did you know that Emplicity offers recruitment as part of its services? You can reach out to the team at Emplicity Search by emailing [email protected] or calling (877) 476-2339 for more information. Let’s grow your team today!