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Questions to Keep In Mind When Selecting an HR Outsourcing Firm

Posted by: on April 22, 2016 in Human Resources

shutterstock_316679390 If you are considering hiring a human resources outsourcing firm, it is imperative to select a company that not only is reliable but also integrates well with your team and company’s operations. Choosing the right firm could be a potential headache if you do not know what you are looking for. To simplify your search, we’ve compiled a list of questions you can use to assess your short list of HR companies before making your final decision: Do they have a strong track record? One of the most important qualifications a potential firm must meet is a good reputation. You can verify this tactic by asking each firm for client references and performance ratings. You can also perform an Internet search to see what other sites and/or companies are saying about each firm. Look for reviews indicating positive feedback all spectrums of business operations including payroll, benefits, and human resources. Are they professional? You should approach potential firms with direct questions regarding their service plans, pricing, and vendor relationships. If you sense firms dodging your questions, this can be an indicator of problems within the company. Could you see yourself trusting this type of firm working with your company and team? When you speak with the firm, are they listening to what you have to say? A potential partner should be consistent with meeting your company’s needs. Once you have concluded meeting with each firm, you should have a sense if their professionalism and corporate culture meshes well with your own company’s corporate culture. You will want to select a firm that matches not only your level of professionalism, but can also integrate smoothly into your operations. . A good HR firm will offer you flexibility regardless of your budget. They will work with you, not against you. Do they have an in-depth knowledge of the market? Make sure to double check your potential partner’s qualifications. They should have certifications to prove their expertise in specific areas of human resources, benefits, and payroll – as applicable to your need. These certifications will indicate their level of understanding with ever-changing federal and state regulations. You and your team will have confidence that any advice or guidance shared by representatives of the firm is the most up to date and accurate, thereby protecting you from any potential legal action. How can you contact them? While you might be looking at price as the most critical factor in determining which firm you will partner with, have you also considered the firm’s location in relation to your own company? An HR outsourcing firm should be an extension of your own operation - you will need the accessibility on your schedule. Do you prefer phone call communication or face-to-face interaction? You will need to determine if having a firm two time zones away meets the critical needs of your company if you prefer connecting face to face with a firm that is just down the street. Miscommunication or lack of communication with your representatives could be costly – ultimately hurting your bottomline.. Make sure to act wisely to get the support you need. Emplicity understands that HR Outsourcing should be simple and meaningful. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we strive to be a great partner in supporting your business. If you would like to request more information on how we can assist your needs, please reach out to us at 877-476-2339. We are located in California – Orange County, Los Angeles, and the greater Sacramento and San Francisco area.