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6 HR Communication Mistakes to Avoid Making An HR professional’s daily job often revolves around seemingly never-ending communications. Considering that this is a department responsible for managing all of the employees and employment candidates for a business, naturally there is going to be a need for communicating with them. Paperwork, emails, internal memos and text messages can easily take up a large […] continue reading this post

5 Signs of a Dysfunctional Company Culture Company culture has become a point of focus not only for job applicants who are looking for the best place to work, but also for employers who are struggling with employee engagement and retention. A company’s culture is essentially the “personality” of the company. It includes elements such as values, ethics, goals, expectations and more, […] continue reading this post

Are You Losing Employees Due to Lack of Training With the employment rate dipping to 3.8 percent again in February, the current job market is heavily favoring employees. The amount of job openings in the US reached a new all-time high of 7.5 million this past January, significantly higher than the current number of unemployed persons in the country, which is approximately 6.2 million. […] continue reading this post

7 Workplace Trends Employers Should Look for in 2019 Employers have finally adjusted to the changes that came with the dawn of a new year and are starting to look ahead at what the next 11 months of 2019 will bring. This new year has already brought about a number of changes and there are certainly even more to come. For one, changes in […] continue reading this post

Is Your Holiday Party an HR Nightmare Holiday parties are a popular way for companies of all sizes to celebrate their employees in a festive way. Research has shown that when done properly, company holiday parties can cultivate employee engagement, making workers feel more appreciated by their employer, giving them something fun and cheerful to look forward to and allowing them to […] continue reading this post