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Are Your Employee Performance Reviews Effective? Annual Reviews vs Continuous Feedback: Which is the Best Fit? The end of the fiscal year is nearing, and for many companies that means annual employee performance reviews are nearing. Some critics argue that annual performance reviews and even semi-annual or quarterly reviews are archaic and not as effective as employers would like to believe. […] continue reading this post

Performance reviews are an oft-dreaded obligation for employers and employees alike, but are still regarded as a necessary part of managing employee development and productivity. However, with the introduction of new technologies and the shift in lifestyle habits of today‚Äôs workforce, performance reviews may be becoming an obsolete management technique. Many businesses are already reevaluating […] continue reading this post

shutterstock_522193918 Maintaining and retaining a motivated and productive staff is vital to the success of every company. Hiring and training new team members takes valuable time and resources, which can affect your bottom line if positions become revolving doors over several months. Implementing an employee retention plan will alleviate high turnover rates, as the plan provides […] continue reading this post