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California SB 1343 Mandates Sexual Harassment Training for Smaller Employers Employers of all sizes in California will need to ramp up their sexual harassment prevention training in 2019, thanks to a new law signed by Governor Jerry Brown. Brown signed SB 1343, a bill that adds new requirements for Sexual Harassment Training into law, on September 30th, 2018. Currently, only employers with 50 or more […] continue reading this post

Jerry Brown Passes SB 826 For California business owners, employment practices liability is a major concern. According to the most current data on employment charge activity from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), California employers have a 46% higher chance of employment practices-related litigation above the national average. One of the reasons for this is that many of the California […] continue reading this post

Aging Workforce Increases Employers Risk of Age Discrimination As more and more Millennials and Gen Zers enter the workforce, employers are adapting to recruit and engage talented young employees. Although it’s important to reach this newer pool of workers, it’s equally as important not to disregard aging workers just because they’re older. While millennials may currently be the largest generation in the workforce, […] continue reading this post

nonprofit employment mistakes Nonprofits face a number of significant challenges in becoming and remaining stable organizations. A lot of hard work goes into making a nonprofit organization run smoothly, and a simple mistake can mean a huge setback. They must be able to function just as efficiently or more efficiently than their for-profit counterparts but with less; less […] continue reading this post

common lawsuits for nonprofits When a nonprofit organization follows the same structure as a corporation, it is subject to many of the same liabilities. Workers who are employed by nonprofits, and usually volunteers as well, are given the same the protections as workers who are employed by for-profit businesses. Additionally, because workers and volunteers are protected from personal liability […] continue reading this post