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The prevention of workplace harassment for nonprofit organizations is a popular topic amongst organizations today. The fall-out for nonprofit organizations is greater than for-profit organizations if harassment takes place. Even what may seem like a minor incident can result in a nonprofit organization losing major donor dollars, constituent support and valuable employees, as well as […] continue reading this post

One of the biggest responsibilities an employer has before they can even hire one employee is to decide how to approach their HR management. Employers know that a strong Human Resource management is essential to keeping a small business in compliance with all federal and local labor requirements and allows the business to run more […] continue reading this post

benefits of flexible working The standard nine-to-five office work day may not be so standard anymore. According to the Flexible Working Survey recently released by global workspace and business service provider International Workplace Group (IWG), 70% of employees work remotely each week. Of that 70%, 53% do so for at least one to three days each week, and the […] continue reading this post

nonprofit hr challenges All organizations face HR challenges in their day-to-day operations. And while both for-profit and nonprofit organizations have similar HR needs, nonprofits operate in such a way that it can make finding HR solutions even more overwhelming. Having nonprofit status often exacerbates HR challenges, due to additional obstacles such as limited financial resources or difficulty in […] continue reading this post

HR Challenges 2018 The HR landscape must continuously evolve to keep up with modern day trends, challenges and ever-changing employment laws and regulations. Human resource consultants are tasked with not only keeping an organization compliant, but are also heavily invested in the recruitment and retention of employees. Today‚Äôs HR administration means confronting more unique challenges than ever before […] continue reading this post