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Monthly Archives: July 2018

The new federal tax law signed last December included a big surprise for nonprofits and churches related to employee benefits. Simple benefits that many organizations offer, are now subject to being taxed as if they are not related to income. Benefits such as: parking reimbursement, gym benefit, or a monthly amount for commuting. Each one […] continue reading this post

One of the biggest responsibilities an employer has before they can even hire one employee is to decide how to approach their HR management. Employers know that a strong Human Resource management is essential to keeping a small business in compliance with all federal and local labor requirements and allows the business to run more […] continue reading this post

Nonprofits are threatened by risks that their workers, volunteers, and organization face on a day to day basis. Nonprofit risk management is a crucial topic that seems to be overlooked by most organizations. These risks include employer liability, liability for special events, cyberattacks. 1. Employers Liability Accidents occur daily, and one simple fall can be […] continue reading this post

New Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh On Monday, July 9th, President Donald Trump announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his pick to fill the vacant position in the U.S. Supreme Court. While much of the buzz surrounding Trump’s nomination has focused on women’s rights, LGBT issues, immigration and other hot button topics, many employers are wondering about the judge’s overall stance on […] continue reading this post

Nonprofits are subject to some of the same payroll challenges as for-profit organizations, which includes complexities such as retirement plan administration, garnishments, worker’s compensation insurance and more. However, unlike for-profit companies, a nonprofit’s 501(c3) status means complying with IRS rules relating to special payroll and tax circumstances. Tax exempt status relieves some of the responsibility […] continue reading this post